Accessing the Park

The Park is extremely well connected by public transport, served by a scheduled bus service, and four railway stations within a four mile radius.

Accessing by Bus


The 299 bus service links the Park to Bellshill Railway Station, with the timetable co-ordinated to Scotrail operations. The service runs through the Park every 20 minutes at peak times.


 299 Route Map SBP

 The timetable information for the 299 service can be found here


Accessing by Rail

The Park is served by four railway stations;

Bellshill – 2 miles from the Park

Whifflet – 2 miles from the Park

Uddingston – 3 miles from the Park

Motherwell – 4 miles from the Park



Strathclyde Business Park is an active participant of a nationally recognised lift-share scheme. Staff can join for free via and either publish their own route or request a lift. Once the destinations have been entered, the website automatically pulls the results together and helps pair up people that use the same routes at the same time. 

By using Liftshare, individuals can cut running costs, save on fuel and benefit the park by lowering volume of traffic and emissions, leading to a healthier and better workplace environment.